Carnival Lab Academy

Officially inaugurated on November 8th, 2018, the Carnival Lab Academy brings shape and substance to one of the many dreams of the Viareggio Carnival world: to enhance and pass on the technical and artistic virtues of the masters, making them known to everyone who may not know of the amount of love, art, passion, creativity, and wisdom that set the gears of the “carnival factory” in motion every year—a spectacle as majestic and renowned as it is complex and varied.

Today, the tradition aims to go beyond, with the wise gaze of those who know that the entire heritage of “crafts and knowledge” of the Carnival must be valued and transmitted to the young.

What is the Carnival Lab Academy (CLA)?

The CLA is a “container,” a “collector” where excellences, knowledge, arts, and innovations from around the world converge, revolving around this resounding spectacle. Its mission is to pass on the artisanal, artistic, social, and cultural knowledge of the Carnival world to the younger generation.

The Academy of crafts, located in the Citadel, proposes training and cultural projects but goes beyond that. It aims to facilitate dialogue between Carnival masters and the best names in the global entertainment industry, spanning various fields (set designers, choreographers, lighting technicians, tailors, hairstylists, robotics experts, just to name a few).

The Academy’s door is open to welcome all institutions, universities, innovation and research centers, and schools of all levels.

Educational goals with an eye to the future

The CLA is the place where one learns and teaches what the Carnival could become for future generations.
The Academy is, therefore, a laboratory of ideas, a meeting place where excellent training will range from marketing management to robotics, from high craftsmanship to design, from team building to the management of major events.

This project does not hide the ambition to demonstrate that Viareggio is not lacking in the desire to create a new spectacle format capable of welcoming and bringing the ancient but renewed “spirit of Carnival” to the world throughout the year.

What happens at the Academy?

In this space, various educational and dialogue activities are organized, including:

Training courses (paid and funded)
Networking events and the dissemination of knowledge about carnival crafts (with institutions and the entertainment industry)
Moments of meeting and dialogue with schools or universities