Guide to Viareggio:
7 things to do during your stay

Viareggio, situated on the Tuscan coast, captivates visitors with its beauty, culture, and tradition. Famous for hosting Italy’s most renowned Carnival, it hides many other places of interest that would be a shame to miss. If you’re planning your first visit, this guide will lead you through the most iconic places, culinary delights, and must-do activities.

The coastline and beaches of Viareggio

The heart of Viareggio is its long stretch of fine sandy beach. With over 10 kilometers of coastline, Viareggio’s beaches provide a perfect place to spend summer days. If you visit the city during this season, take the opportunity to swim in the sea and relax on the beach. You’ll also find several beach resorts offering complete services, including umbrellas, loungers, and beach bars. If you happen to be in Viareggio during a cooler season, don’t miss the chance to take a stroll along the seashore.

The historic center

To breathe in the authentic atmosphere of Viareggio, take a walk in its charming historic center. The cobbled streets are lined with elegant Liberty-style buildings, a testament to the city’s historical prosperity. Don’t forget to explore the Church of Sant’Andrea, an architectural masterpiece dating back to the 17th century.

Torre del Lago Puccini

Torre del Lago Puccini, also known as Torre del Lago, is a place that fascinates visitors with its unique combination of natural beauty and culture. Located on the shores of the picturesque Lake Massaciuccoli, this Tuscan coastal town offers breathtaking views and great tranquility. The lake, nestled in the nature reserve, is surrounded by rich flora and fauna, creating a perfect environment for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts.


However, the area also has a significant cultural background, as it is home to the residence of the renowned composer Giacomo Puccini. Torre del Lago Puccini hosts the famous Puccini Festival every year, held in a charming open-air theater right on the lake’s shores. The musical performances and renditions of Puccini’s most famous works create an exciting atmosphere, attracting many visitors each year.

Carnival Sites

Viareggio is famous for its spectacular Carnival, one of the largest and most famous events in Italy. Certainly, the Carnival month (usually February) is the most interesting time to visit the city, as it allows you to participate in unique events of this celebration, such as the Masked Parades and neighborhood parties.

However, even if you visit the city at a different time, you can savor the carnival atmosphere by visiting the Carnival Museum and Espace Gilbert, located in the Citadel, as well as the Historical Archive.

Nightlife and venues in Viareggio

As the sun sets, Viareggio transforms into a lively nightlife destination. From ice cream parlors to elegant seaside bars to nightclubs, there’s something for everyone. For families, it can be fun to take a stroll on the waterfront while enjoying a delicious ice cream, while the younger crowd can enjoy a seaside view drink, have a beer in a downtown pub, or go dancing in one of the city’s nightclubs. For those willing to venture beyond Viareggio, the Versilia region, from Lido di Camaiore to Marina di Pietrasanta to Forte dei Marmi, offers excellent nightlife, especially during the summer.

What to eat in Viareggio?

Between visits, don’t forget to taste at least some of the local traditional dishes! Viareggio’s gastronomy is a journey through the authentic flavors of Tuscan cuisine, enriched by the freshness of local products and culinary mastery. While in town, you can’t miss the extraordinary variety of fresh seafood, the undisputed protagonists of local dishes. From spaghetti with clams to rich fish soups, each bite is a taste of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Waterfront restaurants offer a wide selection of fish-based dishes, expertly prepared and presented with the culinary art that characterizes this region.

For a complete Tuscan culinary experience, try the Florentine steak or ribollita, representing the excellence of Tuscan meat. For a snack, a quick lunch, or breakfast, try local backery where you can savor freshly baked schiacciata with various fillings, from the classic with tomato and rosemary to more creative flavors.

Getting around and where to stay

The city is easily accessible by train and car, with ample parking options available. Regarding accommodation, Viareggio offers a wide range of hotels, guesthouses, and vacation apartments. Choose accommodation near the main attractions to make the most of your time in the city, and if you plan to visit during Carnival, remember to book in advance!