Allegorical floats 2024

Floats have always been the centerpiece of the Viareggio Carnival and represent its soul and history. Every year, artists devote themselves to creating these huge and intricate papier-mâché sculptures, and more, real works of art in motion.

Satirical floats are an old tradition in Viareggio, dating back to the first parade in 1873, when they were used to depict political and social issues of the time in an ironic and provocative way. Even today, the satirical aspect is central, with the floats pillorying well-known figures, vices and problems of society.

The majestic floats, with their imaginative and colorful shapes, are the soul of the Viareggio Carnival and attract thousands of tourists each year eager to admire these extraordinary, handcrafted creations.

See all the floats of the 2024 edition!

Follow your Heart
Jacopo Allegrucci
The Dream Circus
Alessandro Avanzini
More Teeth !!! The World’s Greatest Show
Luca Bertozzi
Octopus 5.0 The AI Revolution
Luigi Bonetti
Kids, listen up…
Massimo Breschi
Blah-blah Bar
Umberto, Stefano, Michele e Jacopo Cinquini
The scent of roses in the thorns
Carlo e Lorenzo Lombardi
W-A.I.-ke Up! A quasi-imaginary story of Alternative Intelligence.
Lebigre e Roger
Time to Change
Roberto Vannucci
Together, under the same sky
Silvano Bianchi
Lunch is served. Where there is war, there is hope.
Edoardo Ceragioli
Stefano Di Giusto
Chameleonic … the ability of morphing
Marzia Etna e Matteo Lamanuzzi
Free entrance for Dreamers
Roberto De Leo e Vania Fornaciari
The true Face of Humanity
Michelangelo Francesconi
Michelangelo Francesconi
Balancing above Madness
Giampiero Ghiselli
The Nutcracker
Giacomo Marsili
Ordinary Madness
Andrea Giulio Ciaramitaro
Points of view
Sara Culli
His beard isn’t really so blue
Simona Francesconi
The Atlas Generation
Alessandro Mattiello
The Fisherman of Dreams
Raffaele Morvillo
The world needs saving
Lorenzo Paoli
The Melody
Edoardo Spinetti
Nineteen, twenty the plate’s empty
Alessandro Vanni
A touch of madness for all! Alda Merini
Priscilla Borri
Kitsune’s wrath
Fabrizio e Valentina Galli
“All you can eat”
Matteo Raciti
“Carnival Magic”
Luciano Tomei