Museums and citadel 

We see the culmination of Carnival during the month of February, with the Masked Parades, floats and parties, but the tradition in Viareggio remains alive all year round with a dedicated museum, displays and exhibitions that tell the story of this tradition.

2024 Edition
1st Class Floats Winner

“Va dove ti porta il cuore”

by Jacopo Allegrucci

1st Class Floats Winner
Events 2025
8th of February - 4th of March
The Tickets
Viareggio Map

Check the map of the Viareggio Carnival to see all points of interest such as entrances and ticket offices, so you can better organize your participation in the event!

Carnival magazine

Viareggio in masquerade, the official magazine of the Viareggio Carnival, where you can find photographs, narratives, and curiosities about the event and its history.