Here the most frequently asked questions about the Viareggio Carnival!

Access to the Carnival
How to get there
General information on Viareggio Carnival


How much does a ticket for the Viareggio Carnival cost?

There are different types of tickets available, with prices for attending a float parade starting from 22 euros. However, there are some discounts for children, groups, specific dates, or exemptions. You can find all the information and purchase your tickets on the dedicated page!

Where can I buy tickets for the Viareggio Carnival?

Tickets for the Viareggio Carnival can be purchased at physical sales points at the entrances of the event circuit, at the ticket office at the Citadel, or online on the VivaTicket website. For more information, visit the ticket page.

Are there discounts or concessions available?

  • Children under 1.20 meters in height enter for free.
  • People with disabilities enter for free, and one accompanying person is entitled to a ticket at the price of 15 euros.
  • Discounts are available for children taller than 1.21 meters and under 14 years old.
  • Discounts are available for groups of at least 25 people.

Is it possible to request a refund or ticket cancellation?

Refunds are possible in the event of cancellation of the event. Up to one hour before the start of the event, the countermark service is active to enter and exit the parade circuit.

Access to the Carnival

When does the Viareggio Carnival start?

The event takes place in the month of February. This year (2024), the first Masked Parade will be held on Saturday, February 3.

When does the Viareggio Carnival end?

The event takes place in the month of February. This year (2024), the last Masked Parade will be held on Saturday, February 24.

On which days does the Viareggio Carnival take place?

The days for the Masked Parades in 2024 are:

  • Saturday, February 3
  • Thursday, February 8 (Fat Thursday)
  • Sunday, February 11
  • Tuesday, February 13 (Fat Tuesday)
  • Sunday, February 18
  • Saturday, February 24

Throughout the month, additional events are scheduled, including District Festivals, shows, balls, exhibitions, cultural events, and activities for children.

What are the entry points to the parade?

The float parade takes place on the Promenade. Entry points to access the circuit are located in Piazza Mazzini, Via Vespucci, Via Saffi, Viale Marconi, and Viale Margherita.

Where does the Viareggio Carnival take place?

The float parades take place in a ring circuit set up on the Promenade, Viale Marconi, and Viale Carducci, in the area between the intersections of Via Colombo and Via Zanardelli.

How long does the parade last?

Each float parade lasts about three hours.

Are all areas accessible to people with motor disabilities?

The circuit areas are accessible. A reserved stand is set up at the height of Via Saffi.

Is the entry of pets allowed?

Yes, it is possible, but it is not recommended due to the volume of music.

What exhibitions are currently open to the public?

Each edition of the Carnival features theme exhibitions in the historic palaces of the city. In 2024, themes such as the mask, Burlamacco, futurism, and sustainability are explored through the “Fuori Corso” program.


Is it possible to rent costumes or masks for children?

To rent Carnival costumes, you can contact the many children’s shops.

Can I bring my stroller or wheelchair into the Carnival area?

Yes, it is possible.

How can I get assistance in case of lost or separated children?

Through speaker stations and security personnel, along with law enforcement, prompt communications can be made.

Are activities planned for children?

Activities such as papier-mâché and drawing workshops are planned at the Carnival Citadel throughout the year.

How to get there

How to reach Viareggio?

Viareggio is a well-connected city that can be easily reached:

  • By train: Viareggio station has various Trenitalia lines, including regional, Intercity, and Frecciabianca.
  • By car: via the A12/E80 Florence-Pisa-Livorno highway or the SS1 Via Aurelia.
  • By bus: various bus lines connect major Italian cities and neighboring towns to Viareggio.

For those needing to arrive by airplain, the nearest airport is in Pisa, a city well-connected to Viareggio.

Where to park during the Carnival?

Several paid parking lots are available in Viareggio:

  • Parking in Via Fratti
  • Parking Via Nino Bixio
  • Parking Stazione Vecchia
  • Parking Via Petrarca – Pini stadium
  • Municipal pool parking
  • Parking Largo Risorgimento
  • Via Buonarroti
  • Parking in Via Marco Polo
  • Terrazza della Repubblica

There are also blue line parking spaces in the central and surrounding areas. However, it is essential to keep in mind that traffic during the Carnival is modified, and available parking spaces are reduced. It is, therefore, advisable, if possible, to use public transportation or arrive early.

How far is Viareggio station from the sea?

Viareggio station is about a 13-minute walk from the sea, making the train one of the most convenient means of reaching the city, even during the Carnival.

Where to stay in Viareggio during the Carnival?

Viareggio offers various hotel and apartment solutions available for short-term rentals. On major platforms, you can find many offers and choose the one you prefer. However, during the Carnival, rooms and houses tend to be in high demand.

Alternatively, you can choose to stay in Versilia or in a well-connected neighboring city like Pisa or Lucca, as well as smaller towns.

General information on Viareggio Carnival

How does the Viareggio Carnival work?

The Viareggio Carnival is a historical event that takes place in February and includes six Masked Parades, i.e., parades of floats created by artists, as well as many various collateral events. Read more about the Carnival tradition!

When was the Viareggio Carnival born?

The Viareggio Carnival was born in 1873, precisely on February 25. It was the first real Carnival event held in Italy and is therefore one of the most historic today. Already in the early twentieth century, it had a dense program and many of the features that still characterize it today. Discover its history!

How many floats participate in the parade?

Every year at the Viareggio Carnival, allegorical works in competition participate, divided into four categories: nine floats of the first category, four floats of the second category, eight group masks (six three-meter-high sculptures linked by a narrative), and nine isolated masks. There are also allegorical constructions out of competition.

Who participates in the parades?

The floats participating in the parades are allegorical constructions created by Viareggio artists who engage in the art of papier-mâché. Discover all the Carnival artists!

Who won the Viareggio Carnival 2023?

The winner of the 2023 edition was Jacopo Allegrucci with the float ‘A Fantastic Story.’


What does the winner of the Viareggio Carnival win?

In addition to the title of winner and inclusion in the event’s Roll of Honor, the winning builder receives a cash prize. Cash prizes, proportionate, are also awarded for the first, second, and third-place finishers in each of the four competition categories.

How many visitors does the event attract on average?

Each parade attracts about 100,000 spectators.

Where can I watch the Viareggio Carnival on TV?

Every year, Rai dedicates an hour-long live broadcast of the Viareggio Carnival from one of the Masked Parades, broadcast nationally. All major news programs, talk shows, and television programs produce reports on the Carnival.