Alessandro Avanzini

Alessandro Avanzini has been building allegorical floats for about 40 years in a workshop founded by his father Silvano, who had worked at the Viareggio Carnival since 1948. With his father, he built floats, collaborating and absorbing in the artisan workshop all the artistic knowledge and techniques. 

The Master's artistic achievements

Avanzini is trained in the production of large objects and design. The CAD/CAM processes are a strength of his business and work. He has won first prize nine times so far, twice together with his father Silvano: from “I vampiri” in 1993, to the gigantic tribute to Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo in “Ma che male vi fo” in 1998, to “Migranti” in 2009, to “Frontiere” in 2017. 

In addition to the Carnival, he is involved in creating set designs for trade fairs, shopping malls, amusement parks, exhibitions, and theaters, as well as life-sized models and sculptures. For the design world, there is the Proust Armchair, an icon of Italian design by architect Alessandro Mendini, who in 2002 commissioned an initial mockup for the exhibition “FRAGILISME” at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris. This collaboration was renewed in 2016 with the creation of a second Proust Armchair for the Paradise City Hotel in Seoul.