Fabrizio e Valentina Galli

Fabrizio Galli, born in Viareggio in 1962, is one of the most innovative master builders of the Viareggio Carnival. He is part of one of the most important families in the Viareggio Carnival tradition: a son of the arts, he learned to shape papier-mâché in his father Renato’s hangar when he was still a child. His uncle Arnaldo was the most awarded master in the Carnival and his other uncle Giorgio a genius of movements and carpentry. Since 2022 his daughter Valentina has been working on projects with him  

A family tradition to live and teach

Since 1987, Fabrizio Galli has been creating works in the first and second categories. He won second in 1989 with “Il piatto ride, il piatto piange.” Two first places in the top category: “L’inferno del sabato sera” in 1991 and “Barbarians” in 2016, as well as numerous second and third places. 

Valentina Galli is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara with a thesis on the theatricalization of the Viareggio Carnival. In 2008 the first of a series of isolated masks. Since 2022 he has been signing sketches and realizations with his father. 

In addition to floats, Fabrizio Galli has always approached multiple artistic fields, such as set design, having created many works, collaborations, and sculptures both nationally and internationally. Recent experiences in the world include the professional training course in papier-mâché workmanship he held in Nicaragua, where he brought a float made in Viareggio in 2013.