Giampiero Ghiselli

Ghiselli Giampiero is a papier-mâché craftsman with 20 years’ experience in building Viareggio Carnival floats and masks   

20 years of experience in papier-mâché, stage design and teaching

He began his work with Carnival with solo masks. Then, from 1998, he has been in the masquerade competition. In 2004 he began his collaboration with Maria Chiara Franceschini. He received several podium placements and first places in 2006 with “La festa dell’Unità” and in 2018 with “La natura siamo noi.” An often-recurring theme in his works is political satire 

Among his activities, he participates in the creation of stage sets, including those for the Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago, and organizes courses for papier-mâché work as far away as Portugal, in “Santa Maria de Feira.”