Lebigre e Roger

The Lebigre and Roger family has been creating works for the Viareggio Carnival since the 1980s. 

La famiglia Lebigre a Viareggio

Gilbert Lebigre and Corinne Roger began their Carnival career in 1980 and, after a series of victories in the masquerades and 2nd category floats, they joined the 1st category floats in 1986. They won first place in 1988 with ” Madonna Ciccone un successo da leone”, a float dedicated to an international pop star. 

They returned to the Viareggio Carnival in 2004 together with Arnaldo Galli, a multi-award-winning artist. The three masters built the famous dancer of “Scusate se ci divertiamo, balla che ti passa” which, after parading in Viareggio, was exported to Macao and Singapore, and today is exhibited at the Carnival Museum. Gilbert Lebigre and Corinne Roger also won in 2012 with “Santo subito”. 

Since 2017 their children Elodie, Sebastian, and Benjamin Lebigre have aided their mother Corinne Roger in the creation of 1st category works. In 2020 they won first place with the allegorical float “Home sweeto home. Nessun posto è come casa”. 

Their artistic production eclectically traverses the fields of set design, Carnival, furniture, sculpture, spectacular events, and monumental works.