Massimo Breschi
1st place 1st category floats 2015

Massimo Breschi learned the papier-mâché technique by attending the artisan workshops of the artists Silvano Avanzini and Carlo Vannucci. By following the work of the great masters, he worked on his skills as an artist and craftsman. 


H3: Massimo Breschi's career at the Viareggio Carnival

His debut in the competition was in 1985 with the mask “Regis”. He was promoted to group masquerades in 1990 and, after ten years, he tried his hand at second category floats in 2000-2001. He won consecutively and accessed the first category, right in the year of the opening of the new spaces at the Carnival Citadel. 

In 2011 he came second with the float dedicated to US President Barak Obama. Breschi has also allegorically tackled difficult issues such as violence against women, war without borders, and genetic experiments. He won the 2015 Carnival with a float focused on the drama of pedophilia, which had a strong emotional impact. It was titled “Quello che non vorrei vedere” and inspired by a painting by Arnaldo Galli. He won the 2022 2nd category floats with “Quinto Comandamento” and is currently among the makers of 1st category floats. For some years now he has had his brother Alessandro, his daughter Rachele, and his partner Marella Sampieri by his side.