Matteo Raciti

Matteo Raciti was born in Acireale, Sicily, and after a series of experiences in the Sicilian Carnival, he became a Carnival artist in Viareggio in 2018. He began with solo masks and progressed to the construction of 2nd category floats starting in 2024. 

From architecture studies to Carnival

He earned a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Catania in 2015, with a thesis in scenography titled “L’Effimero itinerante tra storia, tecnologia e innovazione”. This highly stimulating work took him on a year-long journey to study festive machines and their traditions. 

After some experience in Sicilian Carnival workshops, he arrived in Viareggio in November 2016, initially working with various master builders and later independently. He has won three first prizes for solo masks: in 2018, 2020, and 2023 (one of which is exhibited in Espace Gilbert). Starting from 2024, he will be competing in the construction of 2nd category floats.