Roberto Vannucci

Roberto Vannucci has been building 1st category floats since 1999, following a thorough apprenticeship that included creating solo masks and small floats. 

The Vannucci Family in Carnival since 1948

His father, Carlo, was one of the greatest masters in Viareggio, active in Carnival since 1948. Roberto Vannucci has won Carnival twice so far: in 2003 with “La mente intelligente” and in 2010 with “Una sola madre, la Terra” featuring tall black and white swans in an ideal embrace against all forms of racism, in addition to numerous podium placements. 

Roberto Vannucci’s company has been operating in the field of set design and construction for years. They have developed the technique of papier-mâché processing for decorations, sculptures, advertising, scenic events, furniture, and objects. Over the years, he has also perfected techniques beyond papier-mâché. Specifically, he is involved in set design and construction, design and construction of floats, scaled and non-scaled objects, setups for fairs, exhibitions, and major events, as well as furniture, objects, models, and molds.