Stefano Di Giusto

Stefano Di Giusto is a Master of Applied Art graduate from the “Stagio Stagi” Art Institute of Pietrasanta in the “Plastic Decoration” section. 

Between art and papier-mâché

He attends the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in the sculpture section. During his studies he decided to deepen his sculptural technique in art workshops working and assisting world-famous sculptors in the realization of their works. He also specializes in restoration, commissioned sculptures, and portraits.    

From 2012 to 2016 he participated in the project named “2Luoghi,” sharing a creative space with a mixed working group of other artists and artisans, and he collaborated with the University of Pisa in a project for the enhancement of the territory called “The City and the Water.” He participated as a sculptor in countless group exhibitions, in Carrara, Pietrasanta, Serravezza, Fidenza, Cortona, Avellino, and even up to Seoul and Tokyo where he also exhibited works in 2023.   

Since 2015 he has been working in Carnival, as a modeler for floats. Since 2018 he has participated in the solo masquerades, a category in which he won in 2019 with “LampMedusa.” Since 2021 he has been in the masquerades.