Espace Gilbert
Address Cittadella Carnevale, Via Santa Maria Goretti, 5, 55049 Viareggio LU, Hangar 16

Carnival is the world of the ephemeral; these great allegorical constructions last only as long as the five parades are on display on the promenade. They have a new exhibition space in which their “life” is prolonged beyond the Masquerade Parades. The Espace Gilbert collects the works that are paraded at the Carnival and organized by thematic areas.

What can be found at the Espace Gilbert?

The exhibition is curated by the architect Velia Gini Bartoli and changes every year, hosting new constructions after the end of each Carnival. The space, as the name suggests, is dedicated to Gilbert Lebigre, one of the most important masters of the history of Carnival.

Welcoming the public is the dancer signed by Gilbert Lebigre himself, Corinne Roger. For the colossal and revolutionary float “Sorry we’re having fun, dance it off”, first prize of the 2004 Carnival, we have Arnaldo Galli.

Among the allegorical works on display, we find the timeless fable of Alice in Wonderland. The composition is made with the figures commonly used in the masquerade by Roberto De Leo and Vania Fornaciari in 2020. Another display from 2020 is the float “Home Sweet Home”, signed by Lebigre and Roger, which had won first place.

On the second floor, we see two of the tigers starring in the second category winning float “Hunting for a Happy Ending” by Luca Bertozzi, as well as the large ark starring in the 2021 Carnival float “Wonderful World” by Umberto, Stefano, Michele Cinquini, and Silvia Cirri, which contains all the most beautiful symbols of global culture.




From September to May

Mondays and Tuesdays – Closed
Wednesdays to Sundays: open 3pm to 7pm
Saturdays: open 9am to 1pm, and 3pm to 7pm

From June to August

Mondays and Tuesdays – Closed
Wednesdays to Sundays: open 9am to 1pm
Saturdays: open 9am to 1pm, and 3pm to 7pm


You can access the Espace Gillbert with the same ticket used to access the Carnival Museum.

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